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Oh What a Day!

Today Hester met coach Peter in real life! Victoria couldn’t join us because she started at her new job today. YAY!! Congrats Victoria! But I can now confirm Peter is an actual person and not an myth that fixes all bugs and problems :–)

It was a very exciting day! It was nice to sit next to coach Peter, a lot less google searches were done today :) The theme of the day was pull requests. For Team Unicorn I made my first pull request to Spree Commerce. Yay! Now I actually started contributing something :)

But then I had to leave for the dentist and unfortunately he also made a pull request.. I had to say goodbye to one of my back teeth :‘(

Luckily when I got back to our workspace for the day, Launch Cafe in Groningen, I had something to take my mind off of it. We continued to work on the Spree documentation and even made another pull request. I’m hoping to do a lot more of those in the future :-D

And of course we had some take a picture for our friday hug (check out my numb and swollen face haha):

Friday Hug

Bundle Exec Please Work

As I stated in the previous post, we were about to get to work… as soon as we got everything working locally. Sometimes we feel like that might be the biggest challenge. Especially for Victoria, as she is working in Windows. But Hester also has her share of trouble :)

We try lots of different things. For instance when we got the comment: “exec needs a command to run” Victoria had the brilliant desperation to try “ bundle exec please work” :D Too bad that didn’t work.. we wonder why….

A few hours later… We are still very desperate :s Following the tutorial of Spree was not easy. Tutorials 1 – Team Unicorn 0 Hester had installed a Spree shop before, but that was with coach Peter’s magic help. We tried to read back what we should do, we religiously try to follow The Word of Peter ;)

If you live in the Netherlands and you don’t have enough heat when it’s 35 degrees Celcius (which is the temperature here right now), you can now buy some hot air from us.

We are now going to get some outside :)

Cheers! Hester & Victoria

Friday Code Day

So here we are! We are so very proud of ourselves… It might be the hottest day of the year today, but here we are meeting up on our day off to do some coding!

Because we don’t see each other a lot, the first two hours mainly were just talking. We have a lot of catching up to do. Telling each other about tutorials, project (Rails Girls Groningen & Eindhoven YAY!), conferences we’ll be attending and of course our day jobs.

Now we are about to get to work, we are going to review the Spree documentation. As soon as we get everything to work ;)

We’ll keep you posted!

Love Victoria and Hester

The Mistery of Octopress

Friday, 9 a.m., Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Mission: Learn how to use the blog to post everything!

Status: accomplished! :)

This morning, Peter and I, we had a very simple but important goal: Make me finally understand how Octopress works and how to post. It was suppossed to be easy to do from the beginning. Peter prepared a very nice video explained everything, but things in Windows don’t usually work as nice as in a MacBook. (mental note: I need to get a Mac!)

We were using Google Hangout and opening all the files in Github, the ruby command, Sublime text… It didn’t seem to work… or at least in my brain it didn’t have any sense.

Thanks to Peter’s eternal patience and his explanations I am finally able to talk about all our developments in RoR and future ones in Spree project myself!

Lessons learnt:

  1. Octopress isn’t easy, but isn’t impossible either.
  2. Github for windows is very useful!
  3. Double coffee is required in the morning.

Now, let’s start with the tutorials! I need to catch with Hester progress who is nerding a lot and finishing everything before me :)

Have a lovely day,



This is the proof, that we woke up early to work on this :)

More Active

Today we were planning on how to actually make our blog Team Unicorn more active, how to structure the posts and push our new layout (thanks to Hester!). On Friday Victoria will finally learn how to post on the blog!

We also had our first planning about Spree project (yay!) It will be very changelling but a lot of fun!! Soon we will make our baby steps into the project :)

More news coming soon, stay tuned! Hester & Victoria


It had been a long time since our last post, but summer holidays and a lot of work was in the middle… Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Hester and I had been pretty busy, still dealing with Zombies, we enrolled at Code School and our goal is to pass all Ruby courses before that our brains are eaten by those zombies! Our coach, Peter, was on holidays, so we were planning to work hard during his absence, but not always what you plan is what actually happens. I got a new job that keeps me busier than I expected and Hester was working hard and afterwards she left on holidays (very well deserved!)

In the meantime, we continue slowly but steady with our tutorials, I was reading books about Ruby on Rails and trying small exercises. Our big day was when we went to the Ruby 101 course in Amsterdam, thanks to Amsterdam-rb. It was a very fun day where I finally met Hester in person and together with 5 other people we spent the whole day coding and learning new stuff. This course helped us to put in order most of the knowledge that we had and also gave us a boost of motivation to continue.

Next big milestone was Monday 22nd when everyone is back to work and we had our interview with Spree project!

Victoria and Hester

2 Days in 1

We didn’t post during the last 2 days so here you have our reason and also what we had been doing…

On Tuesday, Victoria went to The Hague with Floor Drees to see where the Rails Girls The Hague will take place. It is a great place! and the event will rock in September! Hester was working hard to have spare time on Wednesday to continue coding.

On Wednesday, we continued coding (from 10am to 5pm), subscribed to Code School to do all courses. Yes, we love those zombies after all! What we learn is that Ruby on Rails can be very funny if you have the chance to code with a friend and that time flies when you do it!

Today more coding and more lessons will come, what will we learn? Still a mystery… stay tuned!

Oh! also Rails Girls Groningen and Rails Girls Eindhoven events are on the table for the next months! :)

First Test!


Second day of coding today, it’s getting a bit harder… We finished the rails for zombies tutorial and started on the rails for zombies 2.

First Day of Rails Girls Summer of Code.

Still with a low level of coffee in our systems, we started our Google hangout at 11:30am. At the beginning we didn’t know where to start or what to do, so we started with the Code School tutorial, Rails for Zombies. It was a lot of fun and learning!

We also took the picture for the newsletter of Rails Girls Summer of Code, and we aren’t sure yet what was more difficult if the coding or take a picture that we both like!

Our first day was a lot of fun, sharing, coding and a perfect start for the rest of the summer.