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The Mistery of Octopress

Friday, 9 a.m., Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Mission: Learn how to use the blog to post everything!

Status: accomplished! :)

This morning, Peter and I, we had a very simple but important goal: Make me finally understand how Octopress works and how to post. It was suppossed to be easy to do from the beginning. Peter prepared a very nice video explained everything, but things in Windows don’t usually work as nice as in a MacBook. (mental note: I need to get a Mac!)

We were using Google Hangout and opening all the files in Github, the ruby command, Sublime text… It didn’t seem to work… or at least in my brain it didn’t have any sense.

Thanks to Peter’s eternal patience and his explanations I am finally able to talk about all our developments in RoR and future ones in Spree project myself!

Lessons learnt:

  1. Octopress isn’t easy, but isn’t impossible either.
  2. Github for windows is very useful!
  3. Double coffee is required in the morning.

Now, let’s start with the tutorials! I need to catch with Hester progress who is nerding a lot and finishing everything before me :)

Have a lovely day,