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Rails Girls Summer of Code 2013 Blog

Oh What a Day!

Today Hester met coach Peter in real life! Victoria couldn’t join us because she started at her new job today. YAY!! Congrats Victoria! But I can now confirm Peter is an actual person and not an myth that fixes all bugs and problems :–)

It was a very exciting day! It was nice to sit next to coach Peter, a lot less google searches were done today :) The theme of the day was pull requests. For Team Unicorn I made my first pull request to Spree Commerce. Yay! Now I actually started contributing something :)

But then I had to leave for the dentist and unfortunately he also made a pull request.. I had to say goodbye to one of my back teeth :‘(

Luckily when I got back to our workspace for the day, Launch Cafe in Groningen, I had something to take my mind off of it. We continued to work on the Spree documentation and even made another pull request. I’m hoping to do a lot more of those in the future :-D

And of course we had some take a picture for our friday hug (check out my numb and swollen face haha):

Friday Hug